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Lets try videomixing in javascript v0.0.1


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To help you on your way, and to show of the possibilities of the virtual mixer this demo page was added to the site. Some of these are tested and solid features of the project, others are feeble technical demos or early prototypes. Where possible code examples and references were added.

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Tapped BPM
Easy interface for tapped bpm. Tap along with any song pressing ENTER this Addon will give you your BPM back. Integrates easily with the mixer.

Codepen Documentation
Yes, realtime bpm detection! Tries and detects the BPM of any mp3 or shoutcast stream. Demo with a number of songs and metronomes.

Codepen Documentation
A wrapper around GetUserMedia(). Requires https. Should give you easy access to a Webcam as a source.

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effects and blendmodes
A growing range of color-, distortion and feedback effects. Here is a small demo showing off all effects and mixer blendmodes!

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And sure you can just use a keyboard and assign keys to mixers, toggles and controls. Everybody has a keyboard!

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I've been using gamepads for live mixing since 2004. Of course it needed to be in here. Check this liverecording which is a recreation, mostly, of the original mixer I used in VJO in 2004, but now in Javascript. And with vastly more framerate and resolution.

Codepen Documentation
Complete wrapper around MIDI(). Includes sending back of signals for blinking lights and such. Tested on Akai APC mini and Akai MPK mini

Codepen Documentation
UPDATE: a good example of sockets is part of the new Surface Client (the right screen)

Working with Sockets can be confusing. So here is a wrapper for that allows you to easily connect different browsers together. It tries to assign a pin code, not unlike a Chromecast. when connected events can easily be sent. Be it from a mobile phone or any other device.

Client | Remote
UPDATE: a working sequencer is part of the new Surface Client (the right screen)

Still an early techdemo. Tracker-like interface to configure mixer controls.

Early demo of a clicktrack script, that lets you script a set of mixers and effects. now works through Google Spreadsheets.